Learn About an Exciting Way to Invite Friends Over to Watch a Movie

What could be more fun than having a theater in your own home? How about inviting friends and family over to enjoy the movie experience with you?

Sure, you could make a few phone calls or send emails, but why not make the invitation as exciting as your home theater?

That is where we come into the picture. Using our website, you can quickly and easily create a new movie event invitation. The invitation will be sent to your friends and family. Your guests will be provided with a link that takes them directly to your personal home theater page on our site that displays your movie marquee and seating reservation screen. Guests can click on available seats and reserve them. After reserving a seat, your guest can select available food or snacks from a menu your create. Reminder emails or text messages will be sent to your guests so they don't forget movie night.

Read on for the details of how this all works...

Room Builder

Our online "Room Builder" application allows you to quickly and easily design a 2D reservation screen room that looks like your home theater. It's as easy as dragging seats into the proper position. The Room Builder allows you to arrange individual seats, build couches, sectionals or any combination of furniture. Once finished, this room is what your invited guests will use when reserving seats.
See a video demonstration of this feature

Creating a Movie Event

Creating a Movie Event is as simple as selecting a date & time and then deciding which of your movies to show.

See a video demonstration of this feature

Creating a Food Menu

This step is completely optional, but if you choose, you may create a menu of food, snack and drink items from which your guests may choose at the time they reserve their seat. These items are databased and create a "grocery list" to help you with your shopping.

Your Personal Home Theater Page

Once you have completed your movie event setup, invitations are emailed to your guests. Each email invitation contains a link to your personal home theater page on our site. When guests click on the link to reserve their seat they are taken to a stunning page that has a classic movie marquee at the top of the screen (we have several marquees from which you may choose). Below the marquee is the seat reservation screen that contains 'your room' that you designed earlier in the "Room Builder". Guests simply click on any available seat to reserve it.

See a video demonstration of this feature

Rendered Seat Reservation Room

Want to take it up a notch? For an extra fee, we can create a high quality 3D rendering of your home theater room that your guests will use to reserve seats. This near-photographic quality image of your home theater will really impress your friends and family. Talk about an experience!

Extra Goodies

We have lots of other fun items in store for you and your guests. How about:

- Seating reservation cards for you to print out and place on seats so your guests can easily find the seat they reserved.
- A printable grocery list of your guests' food selections.
- Automatic guest reminders via email or text message.

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