Membership Plans:

Membership - Free!

That's right! Free! Whether you watch movies in your living room or dedicated home theater, sign-up today and start inviting friends and family over to watch a movie. They'll love the custom email invites our system sends out. You'll receive a custom home theater web page with a custom movie marquee that displays info about your movie event. Your guests can reserve seats in your room online and even choose which food or snacks they would like from the custom menu you create.


3D Rendered Theater Reservation Screen - starting at $699

If you really want to make things exciting, get a 3D Rendered version of your home theater (in place of the 2D image our "Room Builder" allows you to create).

Your guests will really be impressed when they are reserving a seat in a near photographic quality rendering of your home theater room.

We will have one of our render artists work with you to recreate a lifelike rendered version of your theater using the same colors and materials as your room.

Visit our render page to order a render and to find out more information about how a render is created.

Supply Your Own Photo or Render Image - $20

If you already have a render or a photo of your home theater room that you would like to use for your reservation screen, we can integrate it into our system. Your guests will be able to click on a render or actual photographic image to reserve seats for your movie events.

If you are interested in this option, contact us via our Contact Form and we'll send you the information needed to get started.